Power in Unity“There is more power in unity than division.” ~ Emanuel Cleaver

Dear Fellow Dems,

We live in disquieting times. The 2016 election saw our worst nightmares come true.

But Democrats do not give up. We stand strongest together – there IS power in unity. So, we will put aside minor differences that could divide us. We will continue to uphold the principles that keep us a compassionate country. We will work always toward the greater good. We are the party of the people and united we will halt the ugliness. For where there is unity, there is hope.

With every election there comes something positive. 2016 brought many new and wonderful people into my life, many of whom volunteered for the first time. I thank you.

Now I ask that you stay involved. 

Local elections are the foundation for larger races. We need candidates who will become our next generation of leaders. So please volunteer again this year. Stay engaged. Run for office! We need you now more than ever.
Democrats, I firmly believe that to fight for and hold fast to our principles and values will bring us through the next years ever stronger. For only together can we stem the tide of fear and hatred that is gripping our nation. Only together can we stop the Trump miasma permeating our county. Only together can we turn Dutchess County blue!
My annual New Year’s Wish:
I wish us Health…
And the ability to take pleasure in the simple things. 
I wish us the Love of friends and family…And a place of peace and calm within our hearts.
I wish us the Beauty of nature…And the ability to enjoy the divine within us all.
I wish us Wisdom to choose wisely…And discern those things that really matter.
I wish us Generosity of spirit…And a giving nature toward all mankind.
I wish us much happiness…And to know the laughter of pure joy.
I wish us all the best of everything…And a very Democratic New Year.
With Love and Gratitude,
Vice Chair, NYS Democratic Progressive Causus


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