Founding Officers – Executive Committee

  • Chair, Rachel Lavine, 66th AD – Bio
  • Vice Chair – Elisa Sumner, 105th A.D. Bio
  • Secretary – Nicole Doliner, 96th AD. Bio
  • Treasurer – Daniel Cohen, 69th A.D. Bio

We are the NYS Democratic Committee Progressive Caucus.

As our first order of business, after electing our Executive Committee in May 2013, the NYS Democratic Committee Progressive Caucus members
identified the following issues as matters of priority:

  • Education 
  • Election Issues: Independence Party, Fusion Voting, Cross-Party Endorsements 
  • Fracking 
  • Healthcare & Single Payer 
  • Housing & Mortgage Foreclosures 
  • Women’s Issues

For a complete list of all our initiatives from 2013 to the present, visit our Letters and Resolutions archive

 We welcome people who are willing to Chair these subcommittees and move forward.  As we all know, there is plenty of work to be done on all of these
issues throughout the state. Sign Onto Our List …or Write to Us