Rachel Lavine, Chair, 66th AD

Rachel is a NYS Democratic Committeewoman for downtown Manhattan and co-founder and Chair of the NYS Democratic Committee’s Progressive Caucus.

She has previously served as Co-Chair of the Board of NY’s Gay & Lesbian Community Center, on the Board of the national Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, and as past President of one of NY’s leading progressive Democratic clubs, Gay & Lesbian Independent Democrats. Rachel is an attorney and used to work as Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy at Safe Horizon, New York City’s largest victim services agency.  She has also worked in both city and state government, at the NYC Department of Health and for NYS Assemblymember Deborah Glick.



Elisa Sumner, Vice Chair, 105th AD

Elisa is Chair of the Duchess County Democratic Committee and Vice Chair of the NYS Democratic Committee’s Progressive Caucus.

Officers_Nicole Doliner

Nicole Doliner, Secretary, 96th AD

Nicole is Fiscal Analyst for Rockland County Legislature overseeing a $700 million budget.   When Chair of the Clarkstown Democratic committee Nicole led many successful elections. Currently,an executive board member of the Rockland County United Way, Nicole works to bring change and justice for her local community.  She is  a life long democrat, community activist, wife ,mother of two and dedicated to making an impact to her community.  While raising her children, Nicole was leading the fight against over development as a fierce opponent of the Palisades Shopping Mall.

After graduating college Nicole went off to serve her country as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer.   She lived in Kenya for two years both teaching and developing clean water projects.  Upon returning to the states Nicole joined NYC government rising to the role of Budget Director for the NYC Parks and Recreation.

Officers_Dan Cohen

Daniel Cohen, Treasurer, 69th A.D.

Daniel Marks Cohen joined the nonprofit Housing Partnership Development Corporation (HPDC) in April 2014 as Vice President, Director of Real Estate Development. He oversees a pipeline of existing and prospective real estate business including negotiating with private developers, directing development activities, and leading affordable housing consulting efforts. In his more than 25 years experience in guiding real estate investment in affordable properties, Mr. Cohen founded Burlingham Capital Partners, worked as a Mortgage Officer at the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), after working for the New York City Economic Development Corporation advising on the allocation of $1 billion in Liberty Bond financing for the redevelopment of New York as part of the 9/11 recovery.  

Born and raised on the Upper West Side where he lives with his wife and son today, Dan is a three-time New York Marathon finisher. Dan has been active in reform Democratic politics for more than two decades and was elected New York State Democratic Committeeman in 2010 and re-elected in 2012.