Black Lives Matter Resolution

Rachel Lavine-Black Lives Matter

Rachel Lavine, Chair

Progressive Caucus Resolution in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement And the Principles of Equity, Justice, Inclusion and Change that It Embodies


WHEREAS, the NYSDC recognizes that people of color or those experiencing poverty have not always been treated with the fairness and insight they deserve; and

WHEREAS, as Democrats our goal must be to foster a just, equitable, and inclusive culture that sparks community pride, emphasizes kindness and respect and ensures that all persons are valued, supported, and have equal opportunity; and

WHEREAS, in this time, it is imperative that we directly and specifically support the call and efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement to ensure that the voices of persons of color are not only heard, but echoed by all of us; and

WHEREAS, we as a State and country must commit to addressing systemic racism throughout our society and bring positive changes to all levels of society and government.  We must solve the income and wealth inequality gaps that lead to systemic poverty throughout communities of color.  These conditions lead to poor health, and early mortality for those condemned to live within them.  They lead to crime, despair and disproportionate policing and incarceration.  Together, these conditions create a vortex that can be impossible to escape; and

WHEREAS, we must all take specific action to challenge and undo systemic racism. As Democrats and Americans we condemn any and all instances of bigotry and discrimination, based upon ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and specifically race.  Period.  However, while showing kindness, respect and support are positive, we must do more. We must demand more of ourselves and the Governments that represent us; and

WHEREAS, the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks are only the latest in a long list of tragic reminders of the work we must accomplish. And we also recognize that individuals whose identities intersect multiple categories are specifically at very risk, especially black, transgender individuals who have an incredibly high rate of death by homicide. The deaths of all these named and unnamed people may rightfully disgust us, but they must also inspire us to do more and do better; and   

WHEREAS, we must demand of our local governments, state governments and federal governments to embrace and implement diversity training, community outreach and support programs to increase employment and educational opportunities.  We must demand that our Governments re-examine the traditional models of policing and provide more support for social and economic programs that will bring lasting improvements to poor communities and limit the interactions with police going forward; and

WHEREAS, while we must avoid demonizing police agencies, we must also demand that all police agencies do a much better job of recruiting police officers from the communities they police, as well as havng the training, oversight, and genuine community engagement necessary to prevent another George Floyd murder; and 

WHEREAS, we cannot by ourselves undo centuries of our history or address the underlying conditions that disadvantage so many of our neighbors, but we also cannot support symbols of a racist past such as confederate statues and flags to remain in places of honor.  These symbols of hate are rightfully left in history books, and not in our Town Squares and Parks; and

WHEREAS, together, we can and must reshape our institutional culture around an ethic of equity and declare that hate can have no home here;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the NYSDC will take such action as necessary to help implement the above and share this Resolution with all our Elected officials and County leaders to urge them to do the same; and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED, that the NYSDC will also urge such County and local leaders to share this statement with their own Democratic Town Committees, clubs, and communities; and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED, that the NYSDC will also put this statement in a prominent place on our own website, thereby publicly communicating its support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the undoing of historic and present racist, unjust structures.

**This resolution was voted upon and passed by the New York State Democratic Party Progressive Caucus on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 for introduction to the New York State Democratic Committee (NYSDC) at their meeting on Tuesday, August 4th.