Calling for Governor Cuomo’s Resignation

Progressive Caucus Calls for Governor Cuomo’s Resignation

Today, New York Attorney General Tish James issued a comprehensive report extensively detailing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct while in office, misconduct that clearly violated state and federal sexual harassment laws. As Democrats we may differ on policy and political strategy, but we all agree on the inherent dignity and worth of every single person.

Governor Cuomo’s actions demeaned and violated that bedrock principle, as well as the law.As progressive New Yorkers, we expect our Governor to lead not only in passing progressive legislation and equitable budgets, but in ensuring every person – within and outside of his Executive Chamber – equal opportunity and respect, regardless of their sex or gender. Sadly, our Governor did not meet even this baseline expectation, instead creating a toxic culture of fear, intimidation, and gaslighting. Worse yet, his personal behavior has put at risk such important and necessary work as an integrated COVID-19 response, rent relief for millions, and an ambitious progressive legislative agenda.

Andrew Cuomo can no longer lead with integrity. For the good of New York, the leadership of the Progressive Caucus calls upon the Governor to resign, and if he fails to do so, upon the legislature to impeach him.

In solidarity,
Rachel Lavine


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