Progressive Caucus Condems State Party Mailer
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Progressive Voice of New York State Dems Condemns Mailer Accusing Cynthia Nixon of Anti-Semitism

The Progressive Caucus of the New York State Democratic Committee forcefully condemns the recent State Party mailer accusing Cynthia Nixon of antisemitism. These kinds of destructive political actions tear the Democratic Party apart, at a time when more than ever we need to be unified against a brutal, lawless Trump Administration and their Republican enablers.

Regardless of which Gubernatorial candidate you support, Nixon has a long and substantive history of working to advance the cause of social justice and advocating for civil rights on behalf of all people. And while an unfounded charge of antisemitism is itself pernicious enough, especially in a world where hatred towards Jews is in fact frighteningly on the rise, it is not an incidental fact that Nixon and her wife are raising their children as Jews within a religious community.

As the Progressive Caucus, we represent a large and ever-growing segment of the New York State Democratic Committee that fights to change the Party from within. The Progressive Caucus has led the resistance against the IDC, successfully fought for a moratorium on hydrofracking, and continuing the fight for ethics reform in Albany. 

We are thoroughly appalled and ashamed of the actions of our own Party. Rest assured that this issue will be an important topic at our upcoming State Committee meeting on October 1st. We promise the Democrats of New York that this matter will not be swept under the rug. Sunday night began one of the most important Jewish Holidays, the High Holy Days which start with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and end with the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. These are days of self-reflection when we apologize to those we have wronged and vow to do better in the New Year. 

Although we had no hand in this, we apologize on behalf of our Party to Cynthia Nixon and all who were hurt by this unconscionable mailing, and we promise to fight for a better, more inclusive and less toxic New York Democratic Party.

In solidarity,
Rachel Lavine, Chair – 66th Assembly District
Elisa Sumner, Vice Chair, Dutchess County Chair, 105 Assembly District


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